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How to Choose the Best Online Real Estate Schools in California

by Tom
Online Real Estate Schools in California

Becoming a realtor is a lucrative career, especially in California. Besides selling property, you can also work as a property manager or flip homes for a profit. However, to practice realty, you must get a license from the relevant state authority.

The internet is brimming with online real estate schools, allowing you to study from anywhere you desire. These schools have courses curated by the state’s real estate department, guaranteeing that you receive quality education.

Below, we take a look at what to consider when looking for an online realty school in California.

State Accreditation

The first thing you must look for when choosing an online real estate school is state accreditation. Licensing means that the school meets all the eligibility requirements set by the state. You are also assured of getting quality education and learning from professional tutors.

Verify whether the courses are state-accredited before enrolling. Opting for an accredited or licensed school guarantees the legitimacy of your credentials, making them acknowledged by employers in the industry.

Study Material and Course Content

Reviewing the course content is crucial before registering for the classes. Most online realty schools like RealEstateU offer different student packages. The basic package is the cheapest and will offer you access to study material and sessions with an instructor.

Pro packages may have a higher price tag but are worth every penny. With this package, you will engage in one-on-one sessions with a knowledgeable instructor. You’ll also gain access to discussion forums where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Also included are Q & A webinars featuring real estate industry experts providing valuable insights to all of your burning questions.

Student Support and Resources

Studying in a self-paced environment offers more flexibility. However, students are prone to losing their ways if not well-guided. Student support services contribute to a positive learning experience.

As mentioned, the presence of extra learning resources like discussion forums and an online library are crucial. Some online real estate schools have developed Android and iOS apps offering all of these services under one roof.

Read Reviews

We can never insist enough: don’t ignore reviews from other students. Reviews will give you more insight into the school’s curriculum, instructor quality, and pass rate. You can find quality and honest reviews on Yelp or Google reviews.

Watch out for any red flags about course and instructor quality. Also, don’t be fooled by the fee charged. Expensive fees don’t always translate to quality education or services. You can also ask for recommendations from practicing realtors who studied at online schools.

Bottom Line

Studying online offers flexibility, allowing students to curate their lesson hours. It is a good option if you have a 9-5 or other commitments. The tips in this guide will help you find the best online realty schools in California.

However, remember, you must pull your weight. Ensure that you finish all the assignments and cover all the topics as designed in the curriculum.

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