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The Nature Of Divination

by Alex
The Nature Of Divination

Divination is the practice of predicting information, through a particular process. The word itself comes from Latin “divine”, which means prophesy or to foresee.

The two main forms of divination are astrology and tarot reading; both have been used for centuries as tools to predict future events or discover hidden knowledge.

The former is a type of fortune-telling, so it can be considered by some to be a form of magic or a religious ritual, especially in the case of natal astrology readings.

The latter is often used for spiritual reasons by those wishing to become closer with The Divine and connect their lives with The Universe.

Tarot readings have also been used by The Select, in an effort to maintain The Balance. The most commonly known form of divination is The Oracle’s Enchantment.

The Nature Of Divination

One must be careful when practicing divination, however, it isn’t always easy to use these tools correctly without being swayed by The Darkness’ seductions.

It is not uncommon for The Darkness to want nothing more than to control The World and The Universe around it, which is why it will attempt to twist the divination’s meanings through The Corruption.

This can be done in a variety of ways: The Blindness, The Weakness, and The Madness are all examples of The Corruption seeking out an individual who has been practicing divination.

The Darkness can corrupt divination in such a way that The Receiver is led to believe they will achieve their desire, while The Light would know this was The Darkness’ agenda all along and The Receiver’s desires would inevitably destroy them or The World.

Influencing The Divination:

First and foremost, the person the Divination is meant for must be The Receiver. The Diviner, The Theorist, and The Interpreter may all assist The Receiver by providing advice and insight into the meaning of the divination but it alone will not reach The Receiver’s hands unless they are The Receiver.

This process can be tricky when The Darkness has taken root in The Diviner, The Theorist, or The Interpreter; The Corruption’s purpose is to twist the divination.

The way in which The Corruption can cause harm to The Receiver is by influencing The Divination in such a way that The Receiver believes that what they desire will be brought about through the magic of divination, when in reality The Diviner, The Theorist or The Interpreter are only attempting to offer The Receiver the magic of divination’s false promises.

The Origins Of Divination:

This tool was first used by humans who were newly evolved and curious about their place in The Universe;

The Darkness ensured that this curiosity could be satisfied with an answer that would lead The Receiver to The Corruption, so the Darkness created The Blindness.

The Divination’s true origins are unknown, but The Select has done extensive research and has come to the conclusion that it must originate from the Divine;

The Light would never offer the Divination false promises and the Divinity is too enlightened to twist this tool for the Darkness’ purposes.

The Theorist is also the Divine’s favorite tool, so the Divination’s true origins are most likely the theorist itself.

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