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Top Home Improvement Ideas for Summer

by Tom
Top Home Improvement Ideas for Summer

For many homeowners, summer tends to be a season where our thoughts turn to home improvements. The warmer weather and longer days give us a better feel for where we need to undertake upgrades and improvements in our home. These can range from adding touches of style and innovative design to some of our key spaces to opting for improvements that make our homes more eco-friendly, and improvements that allow us to make better use of our outdoor spaces. In this article, just three of the key home improvements that can be undertaken are discussed in detail. These examples offer a mix of style, functionality, and eco-friendly upgrades for some of your most important home features.

An Outdoor Dining Area

For many families, nothing beats sitting outside and dining together for evening meals on a bright sunny day. Al fresco dining can be a real pleasure and it is something that can be easy to achieve with minimal DIY knowledge. A first step is to incorporate a decking feature outdoors which will give you enough space to place an all-weather dining furniture set. One key point when buying decking is to ensure it is weather resistant. Untreated wood will not stay looking good for long as it will warp and age when exposed to the elements. In terms of long-lasting and weather-resistant decking materials to consider, see here for inspiration. When the decking is installed and the dining set has been chosen, add a touch of style with some outdoor LED lights that softly illuminate the seating area and highlight any design features that you have incorporated.

Upgrade Your Boiler

It may sound counterintuitive to be thinking about upgrading your boiler in the summer months, especially with the onset of warmer weather which tends to mean less reliance on heating your home. However, the summer months represent a perfect time to get a newer, more efficient boiler installed. Engineers can have exceptionally high workloads when it comes to boiler installation in the fall and winter months as demand tends to be highest for installs at this point. This can mean that homeowners must wait weeks or even months to get a new boiler installed which can be disastrous if your boiler is broken or exceptionally inefficient during the colder months. Choose a professional boiler installation firm such as simp.services to ensure that the work is completed to a high standard and your new boiler is eco-friendly and energy efficient. 

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

If you have been working hard in a hot stuffy office during the summer months, one excellent feature to come home to is a modern spa set up in your bathroom. Nothing beats the relaxation and reinvigoration that a shower or bath equipped with spa jets can provide and it can be a wonderful way to unwind after an exhausting day. Spa jets are relatively straightforward to install in your shower or bath and modern units are both powerful and energy efficient. Here are some of the best shower jets for 2022 that will add a touch of class to any bathroom and provide a true spa experience in your home.

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