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Tops Tips for Going Back Home After the Perfect Holiday

by Tom
Tops Tips for Going Back Home After the Perfect Holiday

There’s always a slight feeling of dread when thinking about going back home after any holiday, but this dread amplifies especially after a perfect one. You start missing the warm weather, the freedom you have, the late wakeups and just how carefree you are on holiday.

This ends up translating to a couple of sad last days where you cannot stop thinking about having to leave that amazing place. However, by feeling this way, you don’t enjoy the last couple of days, when you should be living and experiencing everything even deeper than before.

What can you do to not feel this way, enjoy your time off and feel okay with going back home? The following tips will guide you for when you’re not feeling all too happy about the end of your holiday and going back to reality.

Appreciate those last moments

The opposite of allowing yourself to dwell on the fact that those are the last few days, you should be truly enjoying and appreciating those last moments. Live in those moments, appreciate that walk around the old town, read a book under the shade of that palm tree, swim in the sea and go snorkeling. 

Make sure you enjoy every last second because, you’re right, it’ll be back to reality soon, so why would you want to miss out on some pretty incredible moments? Breathe in and open your eyes to what’s around you, in that moment.

Photographic evidence

Yes, take lots of photos! Not just for social media, but because you’ll want to look back and reminisce those moments. If you spent it with family, those are some of the best memories you can make, so have that photographic evidence for months and years down the line. 

Whenever you start feeling ‘holiday sick’, you’ll have the photos to look back on and if you focus really hard, you can almost be back there.

Schedule your first week back

The first few days, or week, after some down-time are the worst. It’s getting used to a routine again, going back to school or work, waking up at a certain hour, it’s the most difficult part of being back home.

Making sure your week is full and eventful will create this purposeful distraction and it’ll make the process easier. So, plan activities with friends after work, run errands, do your laundry in the first couple of days, just keep yourself busy and your first week back will be done in a blink of an eye.


Well, if you forget to bring souvenirs, your family and friends will never forgive you. That is something that will make going back home a definite dread. Try to get souvenirs as soon as your holiday starts; most people leave it until the last minute and then there’s just no time or they end up getting something at the airport.

If you forget someone (which happens more than people care to admit), instead of buying knickknacks at the airport, get some personalised alcohol gifts, and by making it their own, they’ll never know you forgot them in the first place!

In the end, going back home after a lovely time on your own or with family is always challenging and it takes time to get back to your routine, so don’t be too hard on yourself and give it time. You’ll be right at home soon enough.

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