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Types of Name Plates / Material – Which is better and why 

by Tom

Choosing nameplates can be a serious issue. Many questions run in our minds. Which material should I go for? Which nameplate is durable? Which nameplate will look good? Which nameplate is trending? Etc. You have to pick shape, size, design, and material. 

We wish to decorate our homes in a modern manner with cool stuff. These small additions make a home feel homely and attached. How long will this beauty last? Design and material matters. Why not research a bit before you begin with the tiring décor job. It will clear your ideas. Like, If you are shifting to your new villa, go for a house acrylic nameplate design that is today’s demand. 

Small things create a big impact. So, this article will enlighten you about the nameplate materials and types. Which nameplate requires less maintenance and is durable. You will find everything you are looking for.

Types of NameplatesLifePriceOutdoor Friendly
Acrylic NameplatesLong lastingAffordableYes
Wooden Name PlatesLow LowNo
Stainless Steel  NameplatesExcellentHighYes
LED NameplatesGood Highest yes
Printed NameplatesGoodAverageFew years
Metal NameplatesAverageLow No
Glow in Dark NameplatesGoodLowNo

Acrylic Name Plates For Home:

Acrylic is still getting noticed. Unlike steel, metal, or wood it is less experienced. Acrylic features glass that is shatterproof and durable. It is apt for outer signage. You will see side road hoardings, the majority of which are made from acrylic. Retail shops use boards made of acrylic. Many people presume that acrylic is glass that will not last long but it is the opposite. Acrylic nameplates are perfect for the outdoors. Let’s see what type of acrylic nameplates are made:

Engraved Acrylic Name Plates:

Acrylic sheets come in various color shades. But the most preferred is a transparent one as it looks like glass. Engraving of the name is done via a laser that makes it beautiful. It is minimalistic and matte elegant plates. They are typically fixed with metal studs that appear terrific. It is waterproof and does not wear or tear in harsh climatic conditions. It makes them perfect for the alfresco.

Laser Cut Acrylic Name Plates:

The design is created from two contrasting colored sheets. One acrylic sheet forms the base, and another vibrant sheet is stuck on it using chloroform. It does not use the embossing or printing method. They are durable and last long in harsh sunlight.

LED Name Plate:

If you want unique house name boards go for LED nameplates. Here also two colored sheets are used and pasted. One forms the base, and the other is cut with a laser machine. The only difference is the cutting process is reversed, and the name and content are cut as background. The light is applied to the base that enhances the details on the board.

Acrylic sheets with a glossy finish are dark in color. They are used outdoors. You will require a PowerPoint before you fix the board on the wall. Before you order an LED nameplate online, get a wireman to fix the PowerPoint.

You can clean acrylic nameplates with a wet cloth. It does not have any layering like wood. It is easy to clean and remove. They are long-lasting, and there is no risk of paint. You need electrical maintenance, so the cost is a bit higher than engraved and laser-cut nameplates.

Wooden Name Plates:

Wood is the oldest material used for nameplates. Maybe you have seen beautifully carved wood house boards. Raw wood plates are expensive due to their material. With modernization, wood carving has been modified. Medium-density fiberboards are engineered woods made of sheets. MDF is denser than wooden ply. It is made of recycled wood and is cheap than timber. Check different types of wooden boards.

A block of wood is cut and then the name is inscribed on it. The upper layer is burnt and gives a black finish. It complements the yellow color of raw wood making it traditional. For small-sized nameplates they are apt.

MDF sheets are also available in low thickness. They are the right choice for cutouts on nameplates. Laser cutting gives sovereignty for designing. It can be mixed-matched or colored differently as per need.

Stainless Steel Name Plates:

Stainless steel is a modern approach to home décor. You will see them in houses and modern offices. The beautiful black color with shiny steel plates looks pleasing to the eye. Stainless steel is the most costly and tensile material. 

Metal Name Plates:

It is affordable and cheap than stainless steel plates. They are made of iron sheets with a golden finish. 1 mm sheets give a mirror finish. It leads to wear and tear due to weather conditions. Especially in rainwater, it corrodes. If the nameplate is under the roof where water cannot get to it, metal nameplates are good.

Printed Name Plates:

In addition to engraved plates, printed nameplates are ideal if you would like to customize them with different colors. It is made from sublimation technology where heat press content is transferred on the metal sheet. Then the metal sheet is fixed to a wooden base. It hangs well, and you have a variety of designs to choose from. 

Glow Name Plates (Glows in Dark/ Night):

It is a simple innovative nameplate idea. It has a sticker that glows in the dark like you see signboards on the road. It charges during the day and then reflects light at night. In addition to being cost-effective, the device also has a unique indoor feature.

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