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Vaginal Surgery- What is the Process and How Much Does it Cost?

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vaginal surgery

Anything and everything is possible today. A lot of development has taken place in every sector you can think of. Owing to the immense growth in medical inventions, advanced procedures like vaginal surgery can be performed today. This has been possible only because of the advanced techniques and research in this field. You can get it done at one of the best IVF center in Jaipur. It involves surgery to reconstruct the vagina. This helps to restore the elasticity and structure of the vagina.

The cost of getting a vaginal reconstruction can vary from place to place and depends on the individual’s needs. Although, the average price of vaginoplasty in India lies close to 45,000 INR for one sitting.

What Is Vaginal Surgery

It is the advanced surgery of the vagina. It involves the reconstruction of the vagina. If the vaginal walls become loose by any accident, injury, or pregnancy, they can be easily cure with vaginal surgery. For tightening the vagina, it will use, so it regains its elasticity. It is a process of which very few people know about. The stretched-out muscle of the vagina will be sewing up back. It sews up with sutures that are diffuse after some time without causing harm.

Why should you go for vaginal reconstruction?

There are many reasons because of which people go for this vaginal surgery. The most common reasons are discussed below.

• Those who have a loosened vagina after childbirth
• Persons who want to increase their sexual functions.

. Those who want to go radiation therapy for cancer.
• Transgenders who want to have a gender affirmation surgery

The Process of Vaginal Reconstruction

  • The process of vaginal reconstruction involves some pre-treatment steps and tests.
    • All these tests are mandatory to check your physical health doctors will recommend you to take steps like quitting smoking.
  • Because these will reduce complications during the treatment. Including removal of genital hair, many other different transgender women should have to go through.
    • The procedure for women going through vaginoplasty after childbirth injuries is as follows. Also, the steps taken include removing extra skin to avoid it getting in the way. Doctors may also use stitches to secure the loose tissue in the vagina which can be done at some part of the vagina or at the entire vagina. The process also aims at reducing the size of the opening of the vaginal canal.
    • if you are suffering from any issue but birth, then other tissues will be used. For creating a functioning vagina these process will be used. Excess tissue was also take off and abnormalities will be the cure. Although, this will do in that manner that blood does not accumulate during menstrual cycles.
    The whole process of vaginoplasty may be completed in one or more sittings and the
    vaginoplasty surgery cost lies close to 45,000 Indian rupees for a single sitting.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Getting Vaginal Surgery

The process of vaginal surgery has a few unique advantages. The essential one is that you can get your vagina to customize to your need and choice. However, It can bring back the elasticity and tighten up your vaginal canal.

It makes the look of the treated area better. Also, it proves helpful to improve the sexual experiences of you and your partner. Apart from that, it will also make good any inconvenience or issue.

After vaginal surgery there are many other issues and inconveniences will occur. There may be problems and pain during sexual activity and intercourse. In the healing process, there may be tissue formation which may lead to pain.

In some cases, the sensations may get numb temporarily or permanently. This can lead to a loss of pleasure during intercourse. Also, the process may also cause problems in the bladder or uterus. These structures lie very close to the vagina and can be harmful.

The Final say About Vaginal Surgery

To conclude, we can say that vaginal surgery is such a procedure to tighten the vagina and reconstruct it. However, it is practical as well as involves risks. The cost of vaginal surgery can vary from individual to individual and depends on the needs of a person. The cost of vagina surgery for one sitting in Jaipur lies near 45,000 INR. Also the cost can be different at different places

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