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5 Tattoo Healing Tips For Sensitive Skin

by Tom
5 Tattoo Healing Tips For Sensitive Skin

Tattoos are by no means a modern idea. They have existed for centuries, across hundreds of cultures. Using methods such as needles dipped in ink was common among the ancient Egyptians, but in modern tattoo parlors, you will no doubt come across the tattoo gun. 

Getting a tattoo can be difficult for those who have sensitive skin, especially when it comes to the healing process. A healing tattoo can bleed or become infected, which can cause the design to warp or be ruined. Therefore, correct aftercare is essential, especially if you have sensitive skin.

This article provides five easy to follow tips to ensure your tattoo heals without a hitch.

Keep it dry

When you have a new tattoo, you need to keep it dry. This can be complicated if you have had it applied to a place such as your lower back. In such cases, you should take baths instead of showers, or hand wash individual parts of your body.

Not doing so can result in the design bleeding or blurring, which makes the entire endeavor a waste of money, and will likely lead to you needing to attend Counterpunch Tattoo Removal to fix the problem and to pick a new design. 

Avoid swimming if you have a new tattoo for at least six weeks, or until it has healed.

Wash the tattoo

Washing is different to submerging as you would with a bath or swimming pool. Washing a tattoo will allow for the removal of debris and dead skin, which will help the tattoo to heal faster. 

Aim to wash it with lukewarm water and do not use scented soaps. These can heighten irritation in sensitive skin generally, let alone when there is a healing tattoo! Remember, disruptions at this stage can cause the tattoo to blur, so preventing irritations is key to a good-looking and long-lasting tattoo.

Patting, no rubbing!

When you have cleaned your tattoo, you need to be gentle. Not only because it is likely to be sore, but because if you rub the image, it can cause swelling or irritation. Therefore, when drying a tattoo after washing it, pat it dry using a soft and clean towel—or better yet, let it air dry. 


Once your tattoo was completed, your artist will have told you to use a cream once a dry to moisturize it. These creams are in essence creams that promote healing, though it is worth noting that they can be scented. Aim to buy and use a scent-free moisturizer. 

When looking for a suitable moisturizer for your tattoo, an ointment may also be a good choice. If you aren’t sure, talk to your tattoo artist about a suitable option for delicate skin. 

Also, tattoos can become very itchy when they are healing, so try to moisturize as often as you can. 

Loose clothing is a must!

Your body will treat your tattoo as an injury, as technically, it kind of is!

For any surface injury to heal, it needs exposure to the air. So, while your tattoo heals, aim to wear loose-fitting, cotton clothes. This will also keep soreness and rashes down, which can come from the skin being unable to breathe.

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