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The best exercises and tips

The best exercises and tips
Would you like to keep fit? Weight training at home is a great option – also to save on gym costs. With these simple yet effective exercises, you too can do it, with or without additional equipment. Here we are also discussing the best exercise to lose weight at home.

Motivation and variety

Doing something good for your health is always good, especially if you have fun while doing it because from the age of 25 the body begins to lose muscle mass. That means: body fat accumulates more easily. Reason enough to start working out at home for your own fitness and muscle building.
strength training exercises for women is a useful thing that you can do at home but also in the gym to actively keep your body fit and to strengthen your entire movement and posture sequence. Always and everywhere where you can best motivate yourself to exercise.

If you think now that it is too late for you, you are wrong, because it is never too late to start fitness and exercises for a defined muscle building and for a little exercise for weight loss at home do no harm. The good thing about strength training at home is that it also gives you the opportunity to do a lot of exercises with machines, but also without machines, and it also saves money in the long term that you might otherwise have spent on the gym.

The more often you do your training and the associated exercises, the more you benefit from your physical fitness as well as your positive body and self-esteem.
Over time, your strength training gets at home Routine, try to keep up your training and always look for incentives for new exercises in order to give variety and avoid boredom in your strength training at home.

Reasons for strength training

  • You train and live healthier as a result.
  • Excuses like “It’s wet, too cold, etc.” to avoid the exercises no longer count.
  • Your training will make you more disciplined.
  • Your body and your fitness will change positively and you will feel better and more comfortable as a result.
  • You become more active and are excited to always be able to watch the progress of your body.
  • You get a better and new feeling for your own body.
  • You appear more confident.
  • You can perform better than before and build up strength.
  • You gain respect and recognition.

Weight Training At Home: Effective Exercises

With strength training exercise at home, you can finally save yourself going to the gym . Better still: no rain in this world will spoil your desire for a workout, because you no longer need to go out to do the exercises at home to promote your muscle building and to train your strength and endurance.

The following exercises train the entire body. In addition to the stomach, legs, buttocks, this also includes the back. Expensive equipment does not play a role in your strength training at home. Just a training mat you need for your strength training. With the help of  dumbbells, you can change the effectiveness and severity of some exercises. But as a beginner it is enough if you only train with your own body weight, because that is unfamiliar and exhausting enough for your body at the beginning.
Training hard always pays off, you will see your strength training at home achieve a lot, especially your fitness and your body will more than benefit from it.


Important in advance:

  1. Do weight training at home slowly and in a controlled manner. You can still improve your performance over time as long as you continue to do the exercises properly.
  2. Repeat the exercises between ten to 15 times with three rounds each time. B. 3 x 10 crunches. You take a one-minute break between each new run.
  3. Depending on how confident you feel in the exercises, you can also do them with the dumbbells and look for other exercises.
  4. Do your strength training at home. Your body will thank you.

1st exercise: squats

Muscles being exercised: hamstrings and glutes

  • Stand shoulder width apart with your back straight and slowly bend your knees.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and come back to the starting position. Then you repeat the exercise. This promotes muscle building in the thighs and buttocks.

2nd exercise: crunches

Muscles being exercised: the entire abdomen

  • Lie on your back with your hands on your ears and stand your legs up. Your upper body is leaning forward towards your knees, your stomach tense.
  • Now lift your legs with your own physical strength and without swing and bring your knees towards the upper body.
  • Then lower your knees and upper body again, but without putting them down completely, and repeat the exercise. And already the muscle building for a flat stomach starts!

3rd exercise: pelvic bridge

Muscles being exercised: hamstrings, glutes and lower back

  • Lie flat on your back with your arms relaxed next to your torso.
  • Place your legs hip-width apart and lift your pelvis so that your body is in a straight line. The abdomen, back and buttocks are tense throughout the exercise.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds, then lower your pelvis again without putting it down completely and push it straight back up.

4th exercise: mountain climber

Muscles being exercised: the whole body

  • Get into some sort of push-up position. Your arms are below your shoulders, your back is straight, and your legs are straight.
  • Now alternately pull your left and then your right knee up to your chest, as if you were going to put one leg in front of the other while mountain climbing. Only your toes touch the ground. With this exercise, you train your whole body.

5th exercise: push-ups

Muscles being exercised: core muscles

  • Lie on your stomach. Your legs are straight, your palms are level with your chest, and your fingers are pointing forward.
  • Now push your upper body upwards. Keep your back straight during the exercise.
  • Then slowly lower your upper body again without resting it on the exercise mat and then push it straight back up. The perfect exercise for your strength training at home!

6. Exercise: Reverse Fly

Muscles being exercised: upper back

  • Lie on your stomach. Stretch your arms with your feet resting on tiptoe.
  • Now lift your arms and upper body up and pull your elbows back so that there is a right angle between your shoulder and elbow.
  • Lower your arms and torso again without touching the floor. Repeat the exercise. An exercise that everyone likes to do for their fitness!

7th exercise: planks

Muscles being exercised: the whole body

  • Lie on your stomach. Your elbows are just below your shoulder.
  • Then, push yourself up off the floor so your body is in a straight line.
  • Hold the position for at least 30 seconds. The best exercise for building muscle throughout the body!

Weight training at home with equipment

Do you want to expand your strength training at home with suitable equipment and make your training even more effective? Then these devices are just right for you and your fitness :

Fitness tracker:  

With the heart rate measurement, you can better track your calorie consumption, optimize your training and uncover health trends. The fitness tracker conveniently shows you your calorie consumption and the steps you have run during the day at any time, even during and after your strength training at home. A great device for everyone who would like to keep an eye on their fitness.



If you bring kettlebells into your strength training at home, you can train your strength and endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination skills. The kettlebells can be built into various exercises super quickly and easily.


Resistance band: 

With the all-rounder among the exercise machines, you can train almost anything, whether tri- or biceps, back, legs, buttocks, or shoulders. The resistance band is super easy to use for strength training at home.

Exercise ball:  

Gymnastics balls are particularly suitable for building muscle in the abdomen at home or for maintaining a healthy posture with the body while working.

Push-up grips: 

Push-up grips are for everyone who has problems or little strength in the wrists, a super gentle alternative for exercises such as push-ups, which are often done at home in strength training.

Vibration plate: 

The vibration plate activates the deeper muscles in the body during strength training at home and reduces body fat.


A Blackroll is a miracle and remedy for tension and sticking of the muscles or fascia. A popular device – even away from strength training at home.

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