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Egypt Travel Recommendations For 2023

by Tom

Blessed with the river Nile and standing as a historical testimony to the timeless intellectual of mankind, the land of Egypt is something that’s on every history junkie’s visit list. It’s not just The Great Pyramid at Giza or The Sphinx standing the test of sandstorms and changing times. The Egyptian landscape is unique for its off-road explorations, ruins, magical beaches, underwater wonders, and historically significant monuments. The Egypt air flights are all set to fly you to these amazing destinations and get transcended to the very heart of Egypt which makes it unique and welcoming.

Remember to carry that adventurous spirit with you when you plan a trip to Egypt. The following tour recommendations will help you spot the best places that are worth visiting in Egypt without fail.

1. The Grand Egyptian Museum Is Now Open

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This will draw out the excitement from those who are interested in Egyptian history and its whereabouts. The GEM or the Grand Egyptian Museum is the most anticipated landmark to visit in 2023. Running a span of 120 acres, the museum is going to be the largest archeological museum in the world. This is going to be the newest asset that Giza will be given to historical enthusiasts. It is said to have a detailed description of ancient Egyptian culture including Tutankhamun’s treasures and amazing artifacts to enjoy.

2. Explore Egypt’s Historic Sites

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Begin with the basics of visiting the telltale, must-visit destinations in Egypt. These include the famous Great Pyramid at Giza, The Sphinx, and The Valley Of Kings. Make sure you follow a plan while visiting these places. Spend time where required as there is more to explore in Egypt. Look for the right time to visit the places to avoid the crowd. These places though being obvious are still worth the visit and notable tourist destinations.

3. Discover more about the Uncovering of King Tut’s Tomb

Tutankhamun was the Pharaoh and his tomb is an exemplary example of modern-day education on ancient Egyptian culture. His tomb, treasures, and artifacts dating back to his reign will be taken to GEM very shortly. Discovered by Howard Carter in early 1900, the tomb has stood the test of time and is now waiting to amuse you with all its glory.

4. Try Some of the Excellent Egyptian Food

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Egyptian cuisine is one of the finest in the world. Lambs, sardines, stuffed vegetables, the famous ful ful, and the ever-sweet baklava are all at your disposal. You can seek after some famous chains of restaurants that are in every notable tourist destination. Most of these cuisines are vegan-friendly too. Enjoy multinational cuisine at its best with the best views and service. 

5. Discover the Thriving Arts and Music Scene

Apart from the museum that spills the cultural heritage of Egypt, there are also other claims that the country has to offer to cultural enthusiasts. You can be indulged in a lot of cultural events, musical shows both traditional and contemporary, and art festivals. They are exclusively organized for the public to be educated and entertained by the regal Egyptian heritage. 

6. Enjoy the Beautiful, Warm Weather

The undiluted. The rustic thrill of cruising over the Egyptian landscape is enjoyed due to the amazing sunny weather. The sunny sky is sure to beckon you if you are an outdoor junkie. The climate will not only allow you to explore the tourist attractions but also pave the way for you to enjoy water and land sports to the brim.

7. Experience Egypt’s high-adrenaline adventures.

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Unleash your adventurous spirit like never before as you tour the country. Apart from the weather and the endless cultural fests, the breathtaking diversity in landscapes and water bodies is a pure joy to experience. Adventure activities like hiking, trekking, hot air balloon rides, and chasing sand dunes in deserts and among ruins cannot be missed on land. While deep sea water diving and snorkeling, being amazed by the Red Sea’s oceanic aura is also a must to experience.

Don’t just visit the obvious destinations while touring across Egypt. The crowded and cultural streets, fertile Nile Riverbanks, deserts that have stood the test of times and the archeological treasure asserts have a lot to offer you. Be sure to include these travel recommendations to have a fun-filled amazing holiday in Egypt

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