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Survey for Environment-Friendly Roofing Options in Edinburgh

by James
Survey for Environment-Friendly Roofing Options in Edinburgh

When you are planning on repairing a roof or setting up a new roof, there are some things to consider as the top priority like the roofing material being durable, affordable, easily available and most of all environment friendly. 

There are several options in the market where you can opt for the environment or eco-friendly roofing materials depending on your budget, your preference and the style of your house. 

It is best to consult professional roofers Edinburgh area before making a decision. Make sure to get a roofing inspection and roof survey from the experts in the roofing business and get their opinion about the use of eco-friendly materials. Here are some eco-friendly roofing options to consider for your house: 

Shingle Roof  

Most of the shingles available in the market are made up of recycled materials like plastic, rubber and wood fibres. Recycled shingles are very durable and highly affordable. So, it makes for the best choice when it comes to eco-friendly roofing materials. 

White Roof  

A white roof or cool roof as the name suggests keeps the overall temperature of the house low. This in turn helps in cutting the electricity consumption and reducing the electric bill altogether proving to be an eco-friendly option. 

Metal Roofs 

 Metal roofs are long-lasting with a span of around 50 years. Even after that much time, the material is 100% recyclable. This type of roof is a one-time investment that lasts longer if maintained properly. 

Green Roof 

Covering your roof with green plants can have many benefits like temperature moderation. It helps as an extra layer of coolness in summers and an extra layer of insulation in winters. The green appearance of the roof also enhances the beauty of the house. 

Rubber Roof 

Rubber roof is also 100% recyclable. The rubber roof is combined with coated slate to improve its texture. It is a very durable material that lasts up to 50 years. It also withstands harsh weather conditions. Another perk of choosing this roofing material is that it comes in various colours that you can choose from. 

Corrugated Roofing 

Corrugated roofing is very durable, economical and eco-friendly. This roofing option comes in various colours and different designs and is very popular among buyers and contractors as it has many options and is versatile for any type of roof. 

Clay Roof 

Clay roofs are the most eco-friendly roofing option available and it is also one of the materials that are being used for centuries. This roofing is made up of natural materials but are very durable against weather conditions and can last up to a century. They also offer a cooling effect inside the house


The right selection of roofing materials is very important for any house to complete its looks. Firstly, you should select the type of roof you want then you should choose the type of materials that you want to use. 

Many types of environment-friendly roofing materials are available in the market that offers different kinds of benefits and is more durable and long-lasting than synthetic materials. Conducting a roof survey in Edinburgh is equally important besides choosing the materials.

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