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What To Look For When Choosing A Diaper Bag

by Tom
What To Look For When Choosing A Diaper Bag

When it comes to choosing accessories for when a baby arrives, there are more than a few to choose from! However, parents the world over will state that one of the most important items any parent can own is a diaper bag.

This is exactly what it sounds like; however, it may feel a bit more like the carpet bag in Mary Poppins when unpacking it when out and about! While a diaper bag will need to obviously include diapers, it will also need to have room for wet wipes, extra bottles, extra clothes, a bib, a burping cloth, and even sunscreen – and that’s just for starters!

So, when it comes to choosing a diaper bag, what should you look for to ensure that it can offer the space you need?


Of course, the key thing that your diaper bag will need to have is space. Space for all of the items mentioned above, as well as some other items for you, such as snacks or even a breast pump. 

Don’t be fooled by the style of the bag either. There are many diaper bags that can offer adequate space without being a tote bag, such as this diaper bag backpack. Having a backpack may offer many advantages that traditional diaper bags cannot, such as spreading the weight of the things you are carrying evenly, thus preventing pressure sores and bruising on your shoulders.


You want a bag that is hardy and can brave the elements so that the nappies and clothes inside don’t get wet if you get caught in a downpour. So, while it may seem trendy to buy a lightweight fabric bag, this will be unlikely to survive for very long when you and your baby are going on day trips. Alternatively, you can easily find heavy-duty cloth diaper bags, or even leather (or vegan leather) ones which will provide support and will be spacious.


If there’s one thing you will need with a diaper bag, it is pockets. Lots and lots of pockets! Simply because you don’t want to store all of the items in one place, as this can cause them to get lost and even broken if there is a heavy item in the same compartment. This will help you to keep the bag categorized and will help you to identify when you are running low on essential items such as traveling rusks.

Easy To Clean

You don’t want a diaper bag that is hard to clean, as this can mean it will need to go through the washing machine and will be out of commission for a whole day! Not great if you want to go out with your baby!

So, make sure that both the interior of the bag and the exterior are wipe clean, to prevent the bag from needing excessive washing and to prevent odor.

Insulated Pockets

Going back to pockets, always look for at least one insulated pocket in a diaper bag. Why? Because this will allow you to carry milk that will be kept at room temperature for when your baby needs feeding.

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