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Why Should You Book a Celebrity Impersonator?

by Tom
Celebrity Impersonator

Celebrity impersonators are amazing and hilarious skilled performers who can convince people that they’re someone they aren’t.  Although they may seem like niche performers, there’s so much they can do to entertain and thrill guests.

These are the top reasons you should hire a celebrity impersonator. 

More Chances for Photo Opportunities

Photo opportunities are one of the best parts of any current event!  We all want a chance to have fun and take pictures and videos of the people we love having fun with!  With a celebrity impersonator in the mix, we get the chance to help them connect with the people they idolize or that they find funny.

Although everyone should eventually clarify the celebrity impersonator isn’t the real deal when we post them online, seeing immediately shocked reactions can be a lot of fun.  People won’t believe you’re standing next to Beyonce, and although you aren’t- it’s fun to play along with that. It’s really her. 

Leans Into the Event’s Theme

Whether you’re throwing an election party and want a Trump Impersonator, or you’re throwing an old Hollywood glamor party and need Marilyn Monroe: you can lean into your party’s theme.  Themed events are already fun, but having a professional walk around perfectly in character will keep everyone laughing and on their toes.  

Even if you don’t think your theme can have a celebrity impersonator, you can!  This means more fun and intrigue and a chance to keep people having fun at your event.  If this means you have a Cher impersonator at an underwater-themed party, it can still be fun!

Can Keep The Crowd Moving and Talking

Nobody likes a boring party.  If there’s nothing to do or talk about, people might get bored and leave early.  This could leave you with an empty event space with an hour or two still left before the event is set to end.  

A fun celebrity impersonator can work for a crowd and keep everyone laughing and having fun for far longer.  People will bemoan the fact that they have to go home when the party ends rather than skipping out early. 

Consider the Size of Your Event Before You Book!

Before booking talent, consider how many people are attending and how large your event space is.  The more people and the larger the space:, the more performers you’ll need.  Of course, you don’t have to hire thirty impersonators, but having one for every thirty to fifty people will ensure there’s plenty of time for them to circulate and talk to people, and no performer is being overwhelmed by crowds and talkative guests.

Talk to your performers ahead of time to see if they have any requests if you want to hire multiples.  Some won’t work the same event as someone else doing the same actor, while others will say they’d rather simply work alone or not do the event.  Clear communication will save you from trouble and embarrassment on the day of the event.  

Everyone Loves a Great Celebrity Impersonator

Celebrity impersonators are professionals who are able to add camp and fun to almost any event.  If you want to brighten people’s days and give them someone fun to interact with, consider booking an impersonator! 

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