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10 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Best IVF Specialist in Kota

by Ameli

There are many things to remember before you choose an IVF specialist in Kota. Thus here are some points which will help you choose the right doctor.

For several reasons, infertility cases have been increasing among young and middle-aged couples lately. A lot of underlying problems, lifestyle habits, and overusing alcohol can lead to the problem of infertility. However, with advancements in medical science, some can help a couple conceive successfully. One such method is by using the process of IVF and IUI. However, there are many things to keep in mind before you choose an IVF specialist for you. Like you should always compare the quality of services provided by the hospital.

Also, the best IVF center in Kota should have all the advanced technology for testing and treating infertility. Kota is a famous city of Rajasthan, known for its coaching for entrance exams for medical and IIT, but now with the renowned infertility center. It has become famous for treating infertility in couples in Kota and surrounding cities.

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Best IVF Specialist-

It would help if you kept in mind some things before choosing an IVF specialist to treat your infertility.

1.   Check the Credentials of the Doctor-

The first step of the procedure is to check the doctor’s credentials, who is going to help you throughout the fertility process. The doctor needs to have an MD degree with 12 years of post-secondary education to become a fertility specialist. You can get to know a lot about the doctor by putting up random questions about the process and asking her questions. Also, you can research the experience and the knowledge of the doctor online.

2.   Success Rate of the Doctor-

Many doctors portray their success in the IVF process by only showing the success rate of the embryo until implantation. Thus, you can not compare the success of a baby to a baby. Generally, the procedure’s success rate depends on many factors, such as age, lifestyle, medical problems, and fitness levels can determine the success rate. But make sure to know about the types of equipment used and the doctor’s experience to understand the doctor’s success rate. 

3.   Talk to the Doctor About Your Journey-

Infertility can be heart wrenching. However, a lot of treatments can help out of it. It can also put a lot of mental toll on the patient. Thus, it is better to talk about your concerns and get an idea of the journey from your doctor. Ask your doctor about all the possibilities to treat your condition, which can be helpful in your journey.

4.   Know the Treatment Options Available-

The doctor may suggest some infertility options like IUI and IVF to treat your infertility condition. This is generally done after the doctor carefully examines you by doing some tests. Thus, during the testing phase, you can get a gist about the doctor’s experience, after which you can be sure if you want to continue your treatment with her or not.

5.   Cost of the Procedure-

Infertility treatment is not cheap and generally depends on the number of cycles and tests required, which can help you become pregnant. Thus, talk to your IVF specialist beforehand about the total cost it will take to treat your infertility condition. Compare and then decide whether you want to continue with the particular IVF specialist or not.

6.   Every IVF Specialist is Different-

Although, all the IVF specialists will promise you the same outcome. It is essential to consider that the doctor provides you with all the treatments and testing under the same roof. So, it is better to Understand the spread of a fertility clinic and how it can help you every step of the way.

7.   Technology Will Help with the Process-

Medicine is continuously advancing with time, and new technologies and ways are being adopted to treat the problem of infertility. Research with your IVF specialist to know the technology they use to treat your infertility condition. Make sure to talk to your doctor about the technology used and how it plays a role in conception. As very few IVF specialists use the latest technologies, their approach is often mirrored in their poor success rates.

8.   Ratings and Reviews of the IVF Specialist-

Before you start your journey of treating infertility with an IVF specialist, you should check the ratings and reviews given by the past patients to the doctor. One can easily find about the reviews by checking the patients’ testimonials and researching a little about the doctor online. It will give you the satisfaction that you are in safe and excellent hands while you get your treatment by the doctors.

9.   Online Counseling Sessions-

Many IVF specialists these days provide the option of online counseling, as it is much more convenient for the doctor and the patient. Also, you will quickly consult your specialist under any emergency condition or confusion. Thus, it is better to choose an IVF specialist who provides you with the option of online counseling sessions. 

10.                Sensitivity of the Doctor-

It can take a lot to visit an IVF specialist and talk to them about your problems. It can be very stressful and embarrassing for some couples. However, here the doctor’s sensitivity comes into play regarding how comfortable and friendly they can be by discussing your issue. Thus, always choose the doctor; you can talk your heart out and are comfortable discussing your problems with.


Choosing an infertility treatment to cure your infertility can be a big decision. Thus, it requires a lot of research before selecting an IVF specialist and a clinic for you. However, if you want to get an effective and affordable treatment in Kota, choose Aastha Fertility center. The doctors are highly knowledgeable and have a high success rate in treating infertility. However, if you require any other information about the doctors and the hospital, you can find it out on ” https://aasthafertility.com/ivf-in-kota/.”

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