by Jasmine

Cosmetic surgery is a process that is not for the faint of heart. It requires a
determination to go through with the process, pre, and post-surgery. Further, keep
an eye on your nutrition, rest, drink lots of water, eat healthily, and don’t skip
meals. See the complete tips below and also, for your surgery, visit Jim Brantner
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Eight Tips to Observe While Healing

  1. For breast surgery patients, where doable, wear the post-surgery bra or
    post-surgery compression garments that were provided for you. They are
    lighter and more breathable than your regular undergarments.
  2. Alert your surgeon of any concerns or unusual developments. Don’t keep
    quiet if you notice something irregular after your surgery. The earlier you
    talk to your surgeon, the better for your health and well-being.
  3. Get your support system ready. Be sure they are people who will assist you
    in carrying out chores like cooking, cleaning, running errands and are also
    emotionally supportive. People who will chew your head off aren’t needed
    at this delicate period.
  4. Good nutrition is essential for your wound healing and recovery. Stick to the
    menu plan prescribed by your doctor to aid your recovery. Foods like; dairy
    products, soya, eggs, meat, poultry, legumes, grain, water, green leafy
    vegetables, etc. are relied upon to furnish you with nutrients for your
    healing. Supplements can also be taken to give you an extra boost of
    nutrients that your body requires at this point.
  5. Pain-relieving tablets like Arnica are also needed. This is not the time to
    assume you are Superman or Wonder Woman and choke back the pain
    you’re feeling. Take your medicine to help relieve strains, sprains, bruising,
    swelling, and muscular pain after your surgery. Follow the prescribed
    dosage for effective results.
  6. Follow-ups and check-ups should not be ignored. They are a vital process in
    your post-cosmetic surgery recovery. You’ll muse to yourself; ‘I just want to
    lie down, I’m so sore, but you must get up and go for your check-ups. Be
    sure to book and attend each and every recommended follow-up and
    check-up appointment, including your annual check-ups with your surgeon.
  7. Avoid physical activities that will exert you- especially going to the gym and
    lifting heavy objects. Until you are cleared to resume exercise by your
    doctor, avoid overexerting yourself or engaging in intense exercise.
    Post-cosmetic surgery involves a lot of healing. Excessive exercise can cause
    damage to wounds that are trying to heal.
  8. Don’t become a complete couch potato. Move gently, don’t be entirely
    bedridden. Walking, gentle stretches should be done frequently as soon as
    possible to promote good circulation, prevent blood clots and ease stiffness
    and discomfort after surgery.

    After your surgery, you’ll be eager to flaunt your new luscious body, but quality
    sleep comes first. You may be emotionally reactive but that is not unusual. Being
    gentle with and pampering yourself is the best way to go. Create a healing,
    comfortable and peaceful environment in ways that you can.
    Once these tips and procedures are followed to the letter, your post-cosmetic
    surgery recovery process will be achieved sooner than later

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