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How to Install Windows 10 on Lenovo Laptop?

by Hassan

You have just got your new Lenovo laptop and want to install windows 10 but don’t know how to boot Lenovo laptop from a bootable USB. Don’t worry we have a solution to your problem.
In this article we will tell you how to install windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop. Just read the article. It will no doubt help you to install windows 10 on one of your laptop in the market today.

What does a Bootable USB mean?
It means that you can use your USB as CD or DVD drive for installing windows in your PC or laptop. Bootable USB is not only used for installing windows but it can also install other operating systems you may or may not know.
For Example, >MacOS>ChromeOS>LinuxOS>
IOS OS>Android OS>Firefox OS and much more. Bootable USB is also used to install them.
Sometimes it happens that our hard disk gives/shows booting error or we get any other problem and we can’t access our data in such case bootable USB is also used. Sometimes we forget our laptop password. In such case Bootable USB is used for password recovery.
Windows is a software and software’s often get corrupt. So whenever your window gets corrupt then Bootable USB is also used to repair/troubleshoot it. Sometimes flashing is used for upgrading, resetting and downgrading.

If you want to make your own install media, you can go to Microsoft’s website and download it for free and if you are purchasing it online make sure you are getting install media and not recovery media.
By following the steps below, you can easily install Windows 10 on your Lenovo laptop. So let’s jump right into it.
Put the USB your install media into your laptop.
Hit the power button and start tapping on f12 right away. It will give you the options to boot from your boot manager or to boot from your USB device.
Choose USB, hit enter and click install now
Accept the terms and conditions and hit next
Click install windows only and delete all the partitions until you are left with an unallocated space
Select, hit next and it will start copying files
Set up the Wi-Fi because your Windows has been installed with no updates. It is a fresh version of Windows with no security updates or anything. Wi-Fi takes a while to set up and it may take several minutes for it to appear
Start typing Wi-Fi in search bar. It will load up and will refresh so it may not come up right away. It comes up after a few seconds of loading. You will see Wi-Fi settings under system settings.
Hit enter, click on show available networks
Click connect, go to the search bar and type updates
Hit check for updates. It will open your Windows Update page and it may say no updates available or you may see them whenever you are updating your laptop. Never trust the manual check for updates.
Click on check for updates and that’s how you will get your update started and that’s how you will start on with the processing after a few minutes. This list may populate a large list of updates because it is a fresh copy of Windows.
Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of that list because they could start downloading by themselves or there could be a button down there in the bottom you have to click on to start download so make sure you check for that.
Get your updates started and now you should be good to go.

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