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Types of Piling Watford Foundations Explained

by Alex
Piling Watford

A property cannot be built without a support system and piling is done to set the perfect foundation for all types of buildings and properties. Piling watford is the basic step for any construction project and the most crucial too. To ensure that the property stands strong and tall, for the years to come.

It is important to install deep foundations of your building in the soil. This provides a reliable base for the building and makes a property secure to live or work in.

The Process of Piling Watford

Before you hire groundwork experts for piling; you need to understand what it is and how it is done. It helps you stay on the same page with the contractors.

The method begins with insertion of huge amounts of wood, concrete or steel into the ground. The material is dependent on the condition of the ground and the experts choose it themselves. To ensure perfect piling Watford, the material must be installed deeply in the soil. This helps in delivering a stronger foundation for the building.

This is why piling is the most pivotal phase of any construction project. Also it requires some good amount of time as well. Thus, do not rush through the process. That never compromise on the base of your building and make sure that it is created perfectly for a secure and strong foundation.

Types of Piling Watford Explained

Piling is available in different types and the experts pick one, according to the soil condition. The ground condition also determines the method of piling. It is best to have knowledge about the various types of piling as better understanding helps you make a better choice.

It also helps you understand what is being done on your construction site. Thus, having some information, up your sleeves, never hurts.

1. Mini Piling:

Mini piling is one of the most heard of piling types and it is used a lot these days. These are installed in smaller areas, where there is a space limitation. They are also referred to as micro piling. Mini piles range between 100mm-400mm in diameter. Areas which have a really small access and have space restrictions, use mini piling. If you are looking for mini piling watford experts, then we would recommend Piling Brent, as they have been in the market for a long time.

2. Sheet Piling:

Sheet piling is a type of drive pile. This is carried out by interlocking a series of steel sheets. Sheet piling is usually utilized for lateral support purposes. But at the same time, it is crucial to know and understand that sheet piling does not offer vertical support to the building or any property.

Its basic purpose is to protect the structure from river bank erosion and retain the loose soil that is present around the trenches of the foundation. Furthermore, it is helpful in isolating the foundation from adjacent soils.

3. Driven Piling:

Driven piles are used quite a lot in the construction world.  They are basically hammered into the ground with the help of vibration. This type of piling is the best bet for foundations that have to be settled in non-cohesive soils.

Driven piling is used for grounds that have a high water table and soils that are contaminated. Driven piles are casted in position with a permanent or temporary steel casing. Driven piles are usually built off-site by using wood, timber, concrete or steel.

4. Screw Piling:

Screw piling is another type of piling that is used by builders and contractors these days. It is done through a hollow galvanized steel pile shaft, along with steel helices that are attached to it. These piles sheets are fastened to the ground. Screw piling is a cost effective and sustainable alternative, in comparison to other piling Watford options.


No matter what type of piling you opt for, it is important to have knowledge about it in detail. It helps you in keeping tabs on the contractors and whatever is going on, on your construction site.

When you are unaware of the methods being carried out; how can you recognize a mistake? Also, it is very important to hire the best and professional Piling Watford team for your piling process as you don’t want to compromise on the basic foundation of your building.

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