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What You Should Know When Handling a Pet Dog

by Anne
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Handling a pet dog is not the same as handling a pet cat or a pet dolphin. A dog’s behavior can be unpredictable and there are times that it does not listen to you and acts without even thinking about it. The reason why handling a pet dog is different from other pets is because you have to be more caring and responsible towards it, unlike other pets. You will also have to train a dog how to behave and handle certain situations. Although some of the dogs like Pomeranian Puppies sometimes get angry but if you can still handle dogs by making them calm.

Accepts Dogs as Part of Family

The moment you bring a new pet into your house, especially a home protection dogs, it should become part of your family. Even if it is just a pet to keep you company when you cannot be with him or her, the moment you accept it in your home, the dog becomes a member of your family. The responsibility of handling a pet begins from the day you welcome it to your home. It is important that you train the dog to obey certain commands and follow certain rituals.

Communicate Verbally 

Handling a dog does not only involve physical handling. At the same time, you also have to spend time learning its verbal communication. You will have to teach it to say goodbye, stay or come and many other words that may seem to be very simple for you but to your dog may be very confusing. Also, you have to teach them to walk properly. Most importantly, handling a dog means learning its commands. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future by preventing your dog from getting into any trouble or mess.

Start Teaching Simple Commands

At the very beginning, you do not have to worry about handling a pet dog. All you have to do is to take it for a walk and let it relieve itself at designated areas. As you get familiar with it, you can start teaching it simple commands such as stay, come, and more. As you practice with your dog, you will learn more complex commands which you can add to the hand signals you already have.

Basic Instructions While Handling Dogs

Handling a dog is something that can be done easily by people with good knowledge and experience in handling animals. Also, anyone can learn to handle a pet dog because there are no specific instructions needed. You can also learn how to handle dogs by updating yourself with some pet related blogs. You just need to remember a few things when handling your dogs such as cleanliness and safety.


The first step in handling a dog is cleaning it’s body thoroughly. Make sure you rinse all the soap off the dog and its collar before putting it back to its place. Also, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water after handling a dog because if you touch the dog with dirty hands, it may sense it and attack you. Also, do not ever drag or pick the dog up because this may make it feel like it is an attack by another dog. Always remember that handling pet dogs is supposed to be enjoyable so keep your behavior positive.

Stay Away When Dog Gets Angry

In handling a pet dog, always remember that they are animals that react differently to every person. If a dog acts aggressively or scared, stay away from it until it gets a bit calm down. It may take some time for them to learn that they should always behave nicely.

Try to Remain Calm Always

If you are in a situation where you have to handle a dog or puppy, always try to keep calm. You might think that this is a hard task but it is actually very easy. First, remember that you should not make the dog nervous or afraid. Second, try to observe the dog’s behavior so that you will know what it is feeling. If the dog starts to bark, it means that it feels threatened. If the dog relaxes, then it means that it is relieved from stress or anxiety.

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