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5 Beneficial Tools for Online Work and Collaborations

5 Beneficial Tools for Online Work and Collaborations

For a digital-minded person, you need documents and files to keep work running. Online works are usually improved when good tools are assembled in making work more productive. The digital world keeps evolving and hence the need for tools to be emerging. There are files and documents that are necessary for work to be done online.

These tools prove beneficial to students, editors, writers, and businesses. Working online can be tedious and at times they require one to make conscious efforts to make work productive. To avert time-wasting, there are tools that will improve your work. Here are online tools you can use to work on your documents online.

1. GogoPDF

There are so many uses of GogoPDF for the editing of PDF documents. You can use GogoPDF to compress your files in order to save storage space. This would ensure you have space to store other materials on your computer. The PDF compress feature can enable you to have all your PDFs in one file, this way they can be organized better. 

Files and documents can be compressed, thereby enabling easy work online. This tool makes it easier for you to compress, merge and even convert files into different formats. You can repair a pdf file that is corrupted and unable to open for a very long time. When you are compressing your PDF into smaller sizes, it can be done in under two minutes with a stable internet connection. You are assured of no further need for registration when you use GogoPDF. 

When you are working online, GogoPDF has a split function on its feature, you can extract pages of an existing document. For your digital documents to be presentable at all times, you can use them to rotate a page file when they are in the wrong orientation. 

You can also use the delete feature of GogoPDF to delete some unwanted pages on your documents online. To avoid printing and signing documents manually, with the file signed by you, just simply upload it to the website and this converter will help you. 

Your documents are always secured. GogoPDF is compatible with all operating systems as Mac, Linux, and Windows.

2. Google Docs

Google doc is one of the best places you can input an article or write beautifully. It has an automatic write and save mechanism on its drive. It can offer auto-correction solutions during writing that one wouldn’t have noticed. They have fonts that one can choose from during writing. 

It has provisions for how and where links can be shared with viewers and even editors. They are linked to people’s email addresses, so one can still access them in any part of the world with their device. With your device, you can use Google Docs to write online while collaborating with different users at the same time.

3. Microsoft 365

You can also use it to communicate with other co-workers and power maps in excel. This tool basically helps in team online collaborations. Efficiency is very important to the company. The ability to create, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly makes any organization more effective. With access to productivity tools that make work easier for employees, companies around the world can be agile and competitive in their industries.

Office 365 is a completely secure environment with robust security measures such as two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your files if they compromise your device. Threat detection and antivirus mean immediate detection and blocking of security threats. This is especially important for organizations dealing with confidential information and data. 

With Office 365, you can keep your business running without security concerns. Office 365 provides users with the tools to easily and centrally interact with Skype and Outlook. Skype for Business allows you to call and meet with employees and external organizations around the world, so you can collaborate and communicate anytime, no matter the distance or time lag. Teams have an instant messaging feature that lets you add comments and upload files at the same time. This is useful for inter-agency collaboration and document approval. 

You can also target people on your team so that they know your comments are for them. All of these attributes allow you to communicate directly with your team or with yourself anytime, anywhere. Posting to your company newsletter will immediately send messages to all of your employees and notify employees by email when new vacancies are available so they don’t miss out on the message. 

4. Zoho Workdrive

This tool also helps in team management. They can be shared with other team members. It has an edit and share feature. Clients can access it with their mobile applications even on their web. With just a click, you can transfer files and documents to people you wish them to have. To keep files up to date, it manages file sync with pc and mobile devices. There is data, device, and file management, too.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox does a lot more than enable you to share files. They provide and simplify team management, support data, and file security, and exhibit practical insights into the activity of a team. You can share your files or documents with others without any complexity. It can keep and save your files with powerful and reliable online cloud storage. It can help you stay productive at your workplace or at home as you work online. You can easily collaborate, edit and share files with team members or friends you might be working with.

At home, in the office, as you work online, Dropbox keeps your personal and business files safe and gives you the tools you need to protect the work you share with those you wish online.


There are many tools that are online that can help anyone who wishes to engage in online business or venture by making work less complex. Online works can be affected when the right tools are not used. 

Your files can be protected from any form of deletion, hackers, viruses, and edits by using the proper tools for your work. Other tools can help with merging files, editing them, and even sharing them. These are online tools that you can use to work on your documents online.

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