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5 Offbeat Places You Must Visit in Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh

For wanderers looking for new experiences, a trip to Leh Ladakh would be a great choice. It is a place of unbelievable beauty with white snow mountains and mangrove trees. The place is well-known for its spirituality. You will be able to experience a mix of Tibetan and Buddhist cultures. A variety of delicious dishes are also available. You can check out Thrillophilia Reviews for more information.

The place, which is located at an elevation of 8370 feet above sea level, is known as the “land with high passes”. This will make your vacation unique. The place is unique and offers a lot of interesting things. We have created a list of places you can visit during your Leh Ladakh tour package.

There are certain mysteries to the lake. The island in the lake keeps floating and changes its position throughout the year. The depth of the lake is still unknown. Several people have tried to measure the depth but failed. The temple priests have created boundaries around the lake since early 2000.

Special Guide

Lake Parashar is located in the Dhauladhar range of Kullu Valley in Himachal. It is a two days very budget-friendly trip and is a 9km trek. We took the Delhi to Mandi route. From mandi we booked a cab to a small village Baggi that is 1.5 hours away from mandi. We started our trek from Baggi village, where we had a very delicious Maggi (hill station Maggi, of course) for breakfast and got our lunch packed. We went there in winters so there was ankle-high snow with a temperature of about 5-10℃ in the morning and around -5℃ at night.

The entire route was covered in snow and looked heavenly. We camped at night, a dome-shaped camp, where we put up a bonfire and played rounds of antakshari and other games. Food was cooked at the campsite with everybody’s help. The next day we left for the lake. The sight was everything it promised for, picturesque scenery, dramatic in every good way possible.

The lake was completely frozen, reflecting the blue sky, and the mini floating island in the lake was covered in snow. With the panoramic view of the majestic snow-covered Himalayas reflecting the sun rays, the frozen blue lake must be what heaven looks like. In the midst of the oh-so-beautiful nature, there is a pagoda-style temple in the honor of Rishi Parashar. The temple is very beautiful and depicts the beautiful Himachali architecture.

1. Turtuk

It is a beautiful, offbeat spot in Ladakh. Many people may have heard it called Malana village in Himachal Pradesh. Tourists have recently discovered the village, which has attracted attention from all over the world because of its stunning beauty.
The views from the village’s lush mangrove forests and majestic mountains are breathtaking. This is the ideal place to be if you are fascinated by nature’s raw beauty as per reviews.

2. Hanle

Hanle is a village located in the Chumathang region. It is a popular choice for solo travelers and thrill-seekers. This charming village boasts one of the most beautiful views in Ladakh. Tourists flock to the area for its astronomical observatory.
The observatory is a great place to go if you love stars and skies. Hanle is the perfect place to fulfill your star- and sun-gazing dreams. You can also visit the war memorial to honor the sacrifices made by soldiers during the Indo-china War 1965

3. Uleytokpo

Do you dream of camping under twinkling stars? Are you searching for a perfect getaway destination far from the hustle and bustle of cities? Uleytokpo is the perfect place to camp in the middle of nature.
Imagine waking up to see mystic mountains, glittering rays from the sun, chirping birds, and the sounds of rivers. You can find plenty of suitable cottages and tents for rent. You should plan to visit in summer to take in the beautiful green meadows and the peaceful atmosphere.

4. Chumathang Region (Chushul – Nyoma)

It can be exhausting to ride to Ladakh by bike. Many people complain of altitude sickness on their trips. It is important to stop and take in fresh air while unwinding. Chumathang is a wonderful place to take a break. This little village in the Chumthang area has a hot spring that can help you get rid of all the stress and fatigue from your long journey. Click Here to see all the reviews of Thrillophilia.

5. Rangdum in Suru Valley

Rangdum, a charming offbeat valley located 3657 m above sea level, is a beautiful place. It is located in Ladakh’s Suru region. You will see majestic white mountains and rugged trails from one side. Park chick glacier is also available, just a few kilometers from Rangdum.
You can also experience the divine in the sacred Gelugpa Buddhist Temple, a Rangdum monastery that teaches you about the culture, values, and traditions of the area. This will allow you to see the beauty within yourself and become more at ease with your surroundings.

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