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How Can I Sell My House Without An Agent

by Alex

Learning how to sell a house without an agent in LA can make a huge difference when you want to move on to the next chapter of your life. Did you land a new job that will take you far away from LA? Or are you going through a difficult divorce and need to move away from LA? The city of angels is the place for the realization of dreams; however, some people find it difficult here.

It’s time to move onto a new state, but first, you need the proceeds from the sale of your old place to move on. That’s when it struck you, how do I sell my house without a realtor in LA? Considering the situations surrounding your move away from LA, you need to earn top dollar on your property and reduce any form of expense while getting it done. Hence, you see the 3% commission fee as a huge price to pay for something you can attempt to do on your own.

It’s no longer a question of can you sell a house without a realtor in LA; it’s a matter of getting it done rightly. Because selling a home without an agent in Los Angeles is not just possible, you can do it! Selling a house in Los Angeles without a realtor is not rocket science. Although it requires you to put in work, that would otherwise be done by an agent and his team of experts.

Successfully selling a house privately without an estate agent in LA ensures you save money. But to stay the course, you need first to be organized and keep your gaze fixed on the prize: a highly profitable sale.

How To Sell Your House Yourself In Los Angeles

In no definite order, here are steps to aid selling a house by owner in Los Angeles. Shepherd your FSBO home precisely from pre-listing prep to closing day without any hassle by following the following steps;

1.  Prepare the House For Sale

Before you list the house for sale, you must first prepare the house for sale. While there is much to do, start with decluttering the house. Decluttering is to aid the process of making your home seem suitable to potential buyers. Before a buyer makes an offer on a property, he/she must be able to envision himself/herself in your old house.

Selling a house without a realtor has requirements, and they include you ensuring the removal of anything that contributes to the home’s lived-in feel, such as family photographs. Use decluttering as an opportunity to sell or give away possessions you no longer need from the house; use eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or an old-fashioned garage sale to offload them quickly.

After decluttering, ensure the house is scrubbed clean. While your cleaning skills are not in doubt, you can consider hiring a professional home cleaner at a reasonable cost for a more desirable result. At the end of these exercises, go to the house with a friend or family for some honest review. Such objective eyes are beneficial, especially when it comes to issues you might have overlooked.

While there are petty issues that can be overlooked, you must never miss out on these:

1.       Repainting interior walls.

2.       Rearranging furniture.

3.       Replacing outdated appliances or fixtures.

2.      Research the Market and Set Your Price

Real estate agents use a comparative analysis survey to set the asking price of a property. In simple terms, you can select your home’s listing price by reviewing your area’s local real estate market. Never let emotions cloud your judgment and slap an undervalued price tag on your property. On the other hand, you don’t want to overvalue your property and risk sending buyers away. Upon choosing a selling price, be careful to finetune this price to the situation at hand. If you need to move quickly, you can set a lower price or if you are trying to initiate a bidding war.

If you can afford a little time, set a higher price list. In a hot sellers’ market, as we have in LA right now, houses are routinely selling above the asking price; maximize that.

3.      List and Market Your Home

Although people advise against listing your home on MLS, it is still the easiest and probably the most cost-effective way to gain serious exposure for your property without using a professional broker — and, more importantly, to get your listing in front of buyers’ agents. While the MLS listing gets the job done, consider advertising your home on some or all of these options: FSBO sites, real estate sites, local classified websites, or even a YouTube channel. The goal is to put the property in the faces of people and create awareness.

While buyers see your property virtually, organize staging and showings for up-close inspection of the property. When the offers are on the table, be ready to negotiate since you won’t have an agent to do this on your behalf. A successful negotiation will lead you to transfer ownership at a title company and complete of remaining paperwork.

Having learned some basic steps on how to sell a house by owner in Los Angeles, be careful; you are making a conscious effort to go down this path on your own. Because it’s a journey of no return, and there’s no looking back.

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