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Know All About Different Types of Braces and Which One to Go For

by Tom
Know All About Different Types of Braces and Which One to Go For

Today numerous smile makeover solutions are available to fix your orthodontic issues, such as traditional metal and ceramic braces, lingual braces, transparent and removable aligners, etc. Braces are used to fix your orthodontic issues, align your teeth and give you a smile makeover. The type of braces you choose entirely depends on the severity of your orthodontic issue and what suits you the best. While you may somewhat know about the types of braces available today, it is important to be well-versed in how each type of braces works and which one suits you the best. This article talks about different types of braces and its alternatives, and which one you should go for!

Different types of braces & smile makeover treatment options that are available today 

Traditional metal and ceramic braces 

  1. Traditional metal braces are one of the most common smile makeover treatment options. 
  2. They come with metal brackets and are stuck on your teeth with adhesive and metal wires. 
  3. They require you to visit your orthodontist after every two to three weeks to tighten the braces and regular checkups. 
  4. With traditional metal braces, your orthodontist will restrict you from eating hard and chewy food items, such as chewing gum, popcorn, etc., as it may harm or loosen the metal brackets. 
  5. Traditional metal braces are visible to the naked eye, even from a distance. As a result, they might make you conscious when around people. 
  6. Ceramic braces are quite similar to traditional metal braces. The only difference between metal braces and ceramic braces is that they are made of slightly transparent material and are not as visible as metal braces.  

Lingual Braces 

  1. Unlike traditional metal braces, lingual braces are fixed to the back of your teeth. 
  2. They might be uncomfortable and can be pricky and painful. 
  3. Similar to traditional metal braces, lingual braces also restrict you from eating food items that are hard and chewy and may harm the metal wires and brackets. 
  4. They also require you to visit your orthodontist frequently to tighten the braces and regular checkups. 
  5. Lingual braces might cause difficulty while brushing and flossing, leading to degraded oral health in the future. 

Transparent and removable aligners 

  1. Transparent and removable aligners are an advanced alternative to traditional braces and are backed by the latest technology. They are one of the best smile makeover solutions to transform your smile without any hassle. 
  2. Unlike traditional metal and ceramic braces, transparent aligners do not bruise your cheeks and tongue and cause no irritation as well. 
  3. They are a transparent set of plastic trays which fix your orthodontic issues by applying a gentle and consistent force and moving your teeth to the required position. 
  4. Moreover, as they are removable, they do not restrict you from enjoying your favourite food. 
  5. Compared to traditional metal braces, clear aligners take less time to fix your orthodontic issues and give you your dream smile. 
  6. As they are transparent, they are hardly visible to the naked eye. So, for adults and teens who are looking for a low-key smile makeover treatment, clear aligners are just for you! 

Now you know all about different smile makeover treatment options like braces, and clear aligners, their pros and cons, and how they fix your orthodontic issues. Knowing everything about smile makeover treatment options is necessary to understand which one suits you the best. 

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