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Top Five Netflix Series To Watch Before Next Year

by Jay
Top Five Netflix Series To Watch Before Next Year

This year was full of surprises and a lot of us were forced to sit inside our houses because of the next waves of the coronavirus pandemic. While a lot of people chose to focus on their work, others chose to direct their attention to some of the finest shows on Netflix. It does not matter to which group you belong, all of you deserve to watch something good before the year ends and that is why the following list of top five Netflix shows that you must watch before the next year arrives has been prepared. So without any further ado, let’s take a good look at it!


This is a situational comedy which is certainly going to amuse you the entire time you are watching it. Fuller House season 6 is slated for a November, 2022 release if a report from The Next Hint is to be taken into consideration. But before that, you can watch all the previous seasons on Netflix to catch up with the next season and it seems like you have got a lot of time to do that.


Black lightning is that one show which ruled the hearts of many people simply because of how it dealt with its characters and the sensitive topic of displaying the life of an African-American superhero named Black Lightning. The show had an amazing run and came to a conclusion this year only. Cress Williams was a delight to watch in this show and it is going to be one of the most memorable shows that you will ever uwatchfreetv.


The Daredevil is yet another superhero show on our list which comes from the house of Marvel Comics and is based on the adventures of Matt Murdock. A blind man who cannot see, but has accelerated senses which help him fight crime in Hell’s Kitchen. The show also boasts of some great performances from a majority of its supporting cast, with Vincent D’Onofrio and Jon Bernthal taking the lead here. We can literally write an essay on this show, but before reading that essay, it is better that you watch the show yourself. You can also


Money Heist has taken the whole world under its control. The reason behind that is the brilliant storyline and even more brilliant execution of the same story by the lead characters of the show. It is a mesmerizing thriller which will leave you amazed at the end of every single episode. You will also find yourself unable to not love at least one of its major characters whether it is Professor, Tokyo or Nairobi.


Tom Ellis is a delight to watch in this show wherein he plays the role of a devil who is sent to Earth for some reason (spoiler). The show makes for a thrilling ride with a lot of awesome visuals which will mesmerize you for sure. You must watch it before the year ends.

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