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8 Amazing Ways- To Manufacture Enticing Cosmetic Boxes.

by Ashley

Cosmetic boxes are the first thing that a customer will notice before buying any product. They can be made using different materials and by using different manufacturing methods to create enticing, attention-grabbing packaging. Some of these techniques include die cut, foil stamping, embossing and spot UV printing. These techniques make it possible for cosmetic companies to package wholesale product boxes in an eye-catching way.

Following are the different cosmetics packaged in boxes:

1) Classic Cream Boxes

The classic cream box from the 19th-century is still being used in 21st century. They have a luxurious feel about them and can be manufactured using silk screening, hot stamping and die cutting machine. They come in different shapes and sizes in order to accommodate all kinds of merchandise like lipsticks, compacts, bottles, etc. The boxes are available both in black and white colour.

2) Pull Up Cosmetic Boxes:  

      These types of cosmetic boxes open up after lifting the lid which gives it a unique appeal among other such types of boxes. A clear window is  an addition for showcasing products. It is made out of foil stamped paperboard instead of plastic or fiber board .

3) Cosmetic Baglets:

      These are small sized, compact yet attractive cosmetic boxes which can be made with the help of hot stamping techniques only. They are beautiful decorative pieces that come in different patterns.

4) Hanging Cosmetics Boxes:

  They are unique boxes that have attachment to a handle and have ample space for carrying products conveniently. The treatment received during processing is similar to other types of boxes discussed above. Although, they may vary in sizes depending upon the size of the bag or pouch that is put into it .                                                        

 5) Cosmetic Pouches

They are tiny fabric bags with handles on top, which can accommodate small items like lipsticks, eye shadows, etc.

Materials Used:   Fine cloth is used to make these pouches. They have embroidery and printing with various patterns that look attractive and decorated.

6) Cosmetic Train Cases

     These are suitable for people who keep moving places – be it traveling by train, plane, bus, etc., or even camping under the open sky. They provide an elegant way of carrying cosmetics rather than using different bottles and boxes for each product.                                                    

7) Refillable Wristlet/Cosmetic Bags

They can use it as cosmetic bags just like others mentioned above. However, they additionally act as wristlets when adorned across the wrist. They can also use to carry small essentials like money, identification cards and mobile phones.

8 ) Cosmetic Bags/Travel Mirrors

These have special designs for longer trips. They contain several pockets and compartments to hold different types of cosmetics, such as face-powder, foundation, sunscreen lotion, lipstick, blush, compact powder or even a mini hairbrush.                                              

How these boxes are providing benefits to the cosmetics during shipment?

These boxes provide great benefits to people who are engaged in the cosmetics industry. They can get these boxes at a very cheap price and also, its easy to carry this box during travelling because of its size, it had lighter weight and durable. These boxes have special design for the purpose of keeping the cosmetics safe during shipment.

The material used in manufacturing these Cosmetic Boxes is either plastic or cardboard . They are strong enough to hold heavy products without any leakage. The inside portion of this box is well padded with cushioning materials so that they can easily protect larger pieces from any kind of breakage or spillage. These boxes have special designs for the purpose of protecting your valuable cosmetics during their journey.

How do make use of these cosmetic boxes after buying?

After buying these cheap and quality boxes you can directly go for designing and start using them as they already have the inserts which are specially designed by professionals. If still not satisfied then you can add your own creative ideas too while designing.

 In addition to that these boxes are extremely helpful for retail shops arranging countertops or racks where they can arrange different types of cosmetics for their customers according to categories like foundations, powders, primers, eyeshadows etc. which helps a lot while buying for customers too.

Why do consumers feel need of cosmetic boxes?

It is a fact that products of same category can have manufacturing by many companies and coming up with new design every now and then will only help you to gain customers attention. Consumers feel need of cosmetic boxes as they help to keep their products safe, well-organized and provide easy accessibility so they can pick them up whenever needed. Manufacturers also come up with containers like beautiful bags, pouches, jars etc which are helpful too in keeping the products safe but still consumers feel need of having separate box or container for their complete makeup kit to look more organized.

Types of cosmetic boxes which are popular in the market:

1. Magnetic snap type boxes:

These offer easy accessibility to the stored items as they can be opened and shut easily without any hindrance. These cosmetic storage boxes come in different sizes and shapes which fit for purpose of keeping different products safe and organized. You can choose best size according to your requirement or may go for custom made magnetic snap box which comes with your logo on it.

2. Custom printed drawstring bags:

Customized options are very much popular among customers as these boxes give a feel of uniqueness and originality also allows you to convey the message through beautiful prints. That’s why manufacturers offer cosmetic bags, makeup pouches etc options which gives pretty look to your product range., make sure that the bag needs to be light weight, durable and should carry a zipper closure for safe travel.

3. Custom made color paper boxes:

Colorful cosmetic box is one of the most preferred options as this allows you to choose variety of colors and pattern combinations which also gives stunning look to your brand name. This option will give an expensive feel to your product so make sure that it’s not too much dull or else the customers will just glance over them instead of buying them.

4. Printed makeup pouch:

  If you want something different than regular cosmetic box then consider purchasing customized small pouches. These custom printed pouches are easy to carry and can fit easily into pocket without any hassles plus these bags with zipper closure at top side provides a safe keep to your stuff.

   5. Decorative Cosmetic Bag:

Another option is to go for print cosmetic bags with unique prints on them. These bags with attractive prints on them will surely bring attention of the customers and help you in enhancing brand recognition without spending too much amount of money so why not give it a try.


From above discussion it is quite evident that there are variety of cosmetic boxes available in the market through stampa Prints for online packaging service which gives you an easy option to choose from. Whichever box is an option as per your requirements these all types of boxes emphasize on safe keeping and un-compromised quality so go for any one product that fulfills your needs.    

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