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What Purpose Does The FBA Label Serve In Amazon Shipping?

by Ameli
FBA Label Serve In Amazon Shipping

Amazon shipping company works hard to improve the fulfillment and shipping services for the sellers. They improve their accuracy and speed of the delivery with time and work hard on their logistics. Amazon understands logistics; that’s why they created their 2D labeling software to meet their clients’ needs. Amazon  2D Transit is tested by one of the biggest FBA transit services who approves that it is perfectly designed for the customers’ demands.

Amazon labeling software made by professionals who completed aws certifications has made the fulfillment and shipping easy for the warehouse team. They work continuously to pick the orders from the seller, pack them, store them and then deliver them to the customers. Amazon FBA labels get the sellers checked in faster to start selling quickly. It also made it very convenient to scan the products codes to track shipments history and cost in no time. This scanning procedure is also free of error and gives a hundred percent accurate information about the selling products. The sellers don’t need to worry about the labels because Amazon transit labels will handle that.

What are 2D labels in Amazon shipping?

A 2D label is computer software that tells the Amazon team what content is inside the package when the sellers arrive.  These FBA labels allow the warehouse team to quickly and easily check the entry of products and the content inside the package. The 2D label came up with a barcode containing all the product information, content, amount, size, weight, price, etc. The sellers can also set a packaging list on the product cartons about the contents, but obviously, analyzing and processing the products manually is a long process.

How do the 2D labels work?

FBA labels are designed, which come with barcodes that contain useful information about the content of the package. These barcodes also contain useful information about the place and time of delivery. The Amazon warehouse team can scan the barcode quickly and accurately using a scanner.

This software of 2D labeling and scanning of barcodes saves time because when a product package arrives without a label, the warehouse team has to check the package manually, which will take time and cost extra charges for the sellers.

What purpose do the FBA labels serve in amazon shipping?

The main purpose of 2D transit labels is to provide ease to the warehouse team. with modern technology, Amazon has also shifted its focuses and priorities to its betterment. When the products arrive from the sellers, the warehouse teams analyze every product to pack, store and then deliver these products to their given location on time. This process takes time and, of course, costs charges for the sellers. But, with the 2D design software, FBA amazon shipping now made it very convenient for the warehouse team to do their work effortlessly. Amazon FBA automatic labeling and transit scanning technology reduce the warehouse processing time and save extra charges for the sellers. 2D labeling is also error-free processing of the products.

Why does Amazon charge the sellers for not having 2D labels?

Amazon charges an extra fee for not having a 2D label because it takes time and labor to manually analyze and process the packages. Amazon hires a warehouse team for the shipping, which performs various tasks from picking the packages, packing and storing, processing, and then delivering them to the customers. And obviously, Amazon pays them daily wages. Manually processing the products is a huge process that takes time, money and also there is a human error chance. Thus, Amazon has introduced its 2D labeling and transit scanning software to solve these issues. Because these labels and transit scanning are designed with a coding and decoding system, the warehouse team can now easily scan the barcodes of the products with precision. Those sellers who did not provide 2D labels of their packages will have to pay extra shipping charges to Amazon. Thus to reduce the number of delivery charges, the sellers must mention transit labels on their selling goods.

Bottom Line:

FBA labels and transit scanning are modern technologies that help amazon shipping fulfill its customers’ needs and its workers’ needs. 2D designed labels made the product processing easy and quick and improved the package content accuracy. Now with this new technology, the Amazon warehouse team can work effortlessly. With 2D labeling and scanning, there is no chance of human error. 2D labeling and scanning of amazon shipping also saved extra product processing and delivery charges for the sellers and customers. Everything is encoded in a bar code, all the information about the selling products, from price tags to the delivery information. The Amazon warehouse team has to scan that barcode using a scanner and then process and deliver the products accordingly. Due to such innovative use of technology, amazon fulfillment and shipping are praised worldwide.

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