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What You Need to Know Before Traveling Abroad

by Tom
What You Need to Know Before Traveling Abroad

It can be very exciting to book a holiday away abroad somewhere. The different sights, smells, tastes, and sounds can all be something to look forward to! However, each country has its own house rules, so it is important you know what to expect before you get there. 

This piece will run through some of the important pieces of information you should know before you travel aboard on vacation so you can have the best time possible. 

Check Your Medical and Travel Insurance 

When going abroad, you have to make sure you have the health insurance you need in case something unfortunate happens. This could be anything from getting food poisoning to needing emergency surgery. Check your policy before you venture off and understand what you are covered for – adjust it accordingly. You will also want to make sure you have had all your vaccinations and have enough of any essential prescription medication to take with you before you leave. Check that medication is legal at your destination!

Take A Scan or Photo of Your Passport 

If your passport gets stolen, having the information on your passport can make handling this issue and proving your identity much easier. 

Take a scan or a photo and store it in a secure email you can access if you need to. It can also be worth leaving a copy with someone you trust back in your home country who can help you if you need it. Having your passport lost or stolen can be a nightmare, so having these backups can help offer you peace of mind. 

Research Monetary Conversion

Before heading off, you will want to have an appropriate amount of money on you in the correct currency if you are trying to avoid transaction fees abroad. For example, Hawaii uses American dollars, which is what you would need if you wanted to treat yourself at Maui resorts. Understanding what the conversion rate is will help you determine how much money you think you will need and give you a rough idea about what you might be spending on things like dinner and drinks. 

Of course, it is never a good idea to carry lots of cash on you, so make sure to be sensible about it. Call your bank ahead of time as well to make sure they are aware you will be making purchases aboard, just in case your account gets locked for suspicious activity.

Understand the Housekeeping

Different countries have different rules when it comes to anything from politeness to the law. For example, same-sex relationships are illegal in Dubai, you can go to jail for up to 29 days if you expose your thighs or buttocks in Japan, and you cannot flush a toilet past 10 pm in Switzerland, as it is considered noise pollution! 

Doing your research before you go to your chosen country means you will not be caught short – or worse, end up in jail! If you are going to a particularly stringent country, it might be worth alerting your embassy that you are going on holiday. 

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