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Preparing to Move House: The Ultimate Guide

by Tom
Preparing to Move House The Ultimate Guide

Moving house is stressful. While you’ll be incredibly excited to start life in your new abode, you know that beforehand there’s plenty to organize. That takes time, thought, and a little effort on the part of you and your family. This ultimate guide aims to cut down the time you spend pondering what you should do in the run-up to a house move. Providing tips on what to prepare before your move, this guide is about taking the stress and uncertainty out of what is, after all, an incredibly exciting experience. Read on to find out more.

Paperwork and Administration

One side of your house move is about paperwork and administration. It can be dull and tedious, but there’s no other option but to tackle this head-on and get it done in the space of a couple of days. There are checklists online that can help guide you in this process, but some of the steps to take are obvious, such as:

  • Changing your address on key documents such as your driver’s license and bank account
  • Changing your mailing address for bills, accounts, and friends
  • Ensuring your paperwork for the house transfer is complete
  • Getting deposits paid and returned as you move from house to house

Taking care of the paperwork will help you settle your nerves and move onto the next step of your move. 


The most labor-intensive step in any house move is the packing of all your possessions to transport to your new home. Depending on the size of your family and the possessions you own, this can be a slog over several days. There are a couple of points that you should think about as you pack belongings carefully into boxes. The first is what you should do in the event that your house move is disrupted, or falls through altogether. Look to firms such as Morespace Storage (found at morespacestorage.co.uk) to prepare a self-storage unit in case you can’t move your possessions immediately into your new home. Contact a removal company early in your packing process so that you’re aware of how they work, their rates, and how they may react to any disruption to your plans. 


Packing is the final stage of the process, and largely involves gathering together all of your possessions and placing them in bags or boxes to transport. You’ll be aware of your most fragile possessions, which you should take extra care to label and swaddle in as much bubble wrap as is necessary to ensure their protection. To protect large items of furniture use sheets, blankets, and duvets, or ask your removal company for materials. 

Make sure all the cardboard boxes that you use are well secured, with plenty of tape on the bottom to ensure that the bottom doesn’t drop out as you carry them to the removal truck. Do also make sure that you have waterproofing options in case it’s raining when you’re moving home and the walk from your front door to the removal van is long. 

These tips will help you make the process of moving house a little less stressful, ensuring you’re well prepared for the big day. 

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